Acc 305 week 2 assignment 2

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Acc 305 week 2 assignment 2

It encompasses all dealings between the Government and the KTR from the time the contract is awarded until the work has been completed and accepted or the contract terminatedpayment has been made, and disputes have been resolved.

The following CAP processes describe how the contract shall be administered. Contract incentives are generally classified as either objectively based incentive fee or subjectively based award fee and evaluated.

Refer to CAP Process 4. The incentive fee process will only talk about the objectively based and evaluated incentives. Objectively based and evaluated incentive fee contract incentives commonly include the following designated performance areas: Detailed information regarding Incentive type contracts can be found at FAR The Incentive Fee earned and payable will be calculated based on a composite rating received directly from Marine survey data.

Provide Marines with high quality meals that meet or exceed the nutritional requirements of each Marine. Provide meals that are prepared to food safety standards under management processes that negate the possibility of food-borne illness.

Provide meals in a clean and pleasant environment in a manner that is pleasing to the Marine and conducive to Marine Corps esprit-de-corps and quality of life.

Acc 305 week 2 assignment 2

Provide capable and responsive food service management services that will allow the Marine Corps to reduce the direct and indirect costs of administering the resulting contracts.

Application of Performance Incentives. Performance incentives have been developed to focus KTR efforts toward accomplishment of these goals.

The application of the four incentives is provided below using the following calculations: The KO shall employ the following process: Calculate the Total Fee Pool.

Calculate the Amount of Fee to be Paid. Calculate the amount of fee to be paid for each of the incentives. The ratings for Incentive Fees are determined by application of the formula portrayed below.

Once all steps of the Incentive Fee process described in paragraph B above have been completed, the KO will execute a modification providing payment authorization for both Incentive Fees based on the objectively-based formula calculations and Award Fee based on the subjectively-based AFD.

Refer to CMPG 5. Refer to CMPG 4. Contract Definitions, the following definitions apply to this process: Fee paid to KTR semi-annually reflecting on a formula-based calculation of a statistical sampling; the statistical sampling is based on objectively-determined Marine Surveys.

Government survey provided under controlled conditions to Marines dining in Marine Corps mess halls; surveys are used to objectively evaluate KTR performance for delivery of important food service program goals. Number of Meals Served: Calculation made semi-annually after end of performance period of the number of meals served at all mess halls covered under the contract; determined by Government KO based on review of meal accounting records provided by KTR.

Award Fee is an amount of money which is added to a contract and which a KTR may earn in whole or in part during performance and that is sufficient to provide motivation for excellence in such areas as quality, timeliness, technical ingenuity, and cost-effective management.Apr 05,  · Use the ACC/ ACC ACC WEEK 2 ASSIGNMENT 1 Integrating Case - LATEST.

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Acc 305 week 2 assignment 2

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