Case study american red cross

Integrated Marketing Case Study: The Red Cross also faced an image problem. Although it was known worldwide as the organization dedicated to helping people during and after disasters, it was far less associated with holiday season giving than many other major charities.

Case study american red cross

Assigned to specific routes, trained volunteers would drive, or in some cases, walk the disaster scene and collect relevant information about each dwelling via hand-written notes on a Red Cross form; information collected included: Once complete, this information would be hand-keyed into the Red Cross Client Assistance System CASbut could be slowed by limited data-entry staff or computer access.

From here, client case workers review collected information and make determinations on services needed such as, blankets, feeding, housing assistance, etc.

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RDMS was a validated technology specialized in providing disaster relief technologies to humanitarian organizations, emergency management professionals and other groups focused on aiding and reconstructing communities. Instituting the RDMS solution enabled ARC leaders to more quickly identify key operational trends and more flexibly adapt and calibrate their response efforts.

Information collected includes everything from severity and location data, to information about the status of electricity, road closures, as well as inaccessible areas. They also take digital photos of dwelling damage.

Case Study:

Once Red Cross disaster assessment volunteers collect and send data using their handheld PDAs and it is aggregated on the RDMS Collaborate site, it can quickly and simply be plotted on interactive maps powered by Google. The system eliminates time-consuming data entry from paper sheets and possible errors that often arise from illegible handwriting or misread maps.

Additionally, much data never made it from field to home office. Because the process is manual, there is a lag time between data collection and data visibility-preventing rapid and accurate disaster assessment and volunteer need, especially during storm emergencies.

SOLUTION The RDMS solution allows all emergency responders and relief workers to gather, transmit and analyze data in real-time during those chaotic hours and days following a disaster, with portable satellite uplinks sending the information on to a secure, Web-based command center.

The RDMS solution improved productivity and accuracy of information from the field as well as allowing for real time decision making by supervisory personnel.

Case study american red cross

Overassessments have been taken by American Red Cross workers thru Each of the assessments collected via RDMS is saved with geo-location information providing: Additionally, any number of map overlays can enhance the situational awareness displaying rights of way, access points, weather, etc.

Using RDMS has enabled us to expedite the process of servicing our audiences.Case Study American Red Cross DNA Fit npower Ocean Canyon Properties roundCorner Trimega Labs.

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The American Red Cross is known for helping to save lives. We help the Red Cross save money.

Trimega Labs. VOL. 8, NO. 4 SOCIAL MEDIA CASE STUDY: The American Red Cross Embraces Social Media and Improves Its Image with Key Audiences By John Cass Founding Fellow, Society for New Communications Research.

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Clients Case Studies Home // Our Work // Case Studies // American Red Cross The American Red Cross is there for people when they need it most, so naturally they needed a reliable media partner to support their initiatives with an integrated campaign. The American Red Cross (ARC) is an independent organization supported by public dona- tions and volunteerism.

Its mission is to “provide relief to victims of disasters and help peo-. Below is a free excerpt of "The American Red Cross Case Study" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Case study american red cross

1. Explain the possible problems in the ethical culture of the Red Cross that created the issues discussed in this case. View Lab Report - american red cross case study from IABF CSR at Far Eastern University. Executive Summary The American Red Cross is a non-profit, humanitarian organization that provides.

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