Describing the unconventional behaviors of the ku klux klan

A fight broke out between the police and the Klansmen, and Fred Trump was one of the men who were arrested. The seventh section of the parade consisted of KKK members.

Describing the unconventional behaviors of the ku klux klan

Describe, in broad terms, how the Ku Klux Klan came into existence and how its level of popularity varied over time. The Ku Klux Klan started out as just a circle of friend with like-minded views. Kennedy hated the Klan and what they stood for. In studying the KKK he realized that no one really knew what the Klan was doing behind closed doors.

Describing the unconventional behaviors of the ku klux klan

So, to find out, he joined. After meetings, he would go home and write the passwords, events, and rankings of KKK members and give them out to union members, anti-KKK politicans, etc. However, the Klan remained strong.

The ultimate downfall of the KKK was when Kennedy gave all the infomation he had to the Superman radio show which monked the KKK and all that it stood for. Within two Klan meetings no one was showing up. Infomation asymmetries are infomation that is not told and may not even exist but changed a person's decision.

For example, if someone is selling a new car many people will assume that there is something wrong with it. Explain whether, and if so, how, information asymmetries create a competitive advantage for particular individuals.

Using the lemon car example again it is possible that infomation asymmetries can be used as an advantage. If someone's car really was a lemon that infomation may never be disclosed and the buyer of the car will be cheated out of it's money.

Explain how such innovations as the Internet have affected the prevalence of information asymmetries.

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The internet is home to a unlimited amount of infomation. Most of this infomation is bogus and untrue because anyone anywhere can write anything whether is it true or not.

You can find multiple opinions and theories and any subject but finding facts is almost impossible. Explain how information asymmetries facilitated the corporate scandals that occurred in the early s. Multiple big name businesses were conducting many "under the table" deals which came to light.

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Provide examples that illustrate how the combination of an information asymmetry and fear can lead to inefficient outcomes. Explain how the introduction of the element of fear makes the problem of the information asymmetry even worse.

Doctors can use their knowledge as an information asymmetry. You need this surgery to survive when really, you don't.

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As more clients become aware of the possibility of such behavior by agents, how might it affect the relationship between the two? A person trying to sell their house has two main fears: So the logal solution is to hire a real estate agent an expert at selling homes.

The internet however gets rid of this problem. Anyone can go online and do their own research on any home they want without realtors help. Explain how the choice of terms a real estate agent uses to describe a particular property conveys additional information about the property, and hence the price a potential buyer might be able to successfully offer the seller.

If an ad for a home uses general terms such as "fantastic" "spacious" or "great neighborhood" it is really covering up the fact that the house is not interesting and not worth buying.

More descriptive words like "maple" "hardwood floors" and "state of the art" give you an idea of what is in the home and which makes it more appealing. This chapter examines how the economic incentives of a real estate agent may differ from those of his or her client.

What other subject matter experts are often hired by individuals and businesses? Might they have incentives that differ from those of the clients that hire them?

Describing the unconventional behaviors of the ku klux klan

Funeral directors are hired to give griefing familes final resting places for their loved ones. However, instead of showing the reasonably priced caskets they will show you the top of the line, very expensive caskets because it is good for business.

As part of your explanation, distinguish between taste-based discrimination and information-based discrimination.

According to the voting data from the Weakest Link, which two groups of people are most likely to be discriminated against in that setting. What type of discrimination is being practiced in each case? Elderly - taste-based - Regardless of their skill for the game elderly players were voted off on the fact that they don't want them around Hispanics - information-based - Regardless of their skill for the game hispanic players were voted of on the opinion they are poor players What do the data say about the characteristics of men and women who participate in Internet dating sites relative to the characteristics of the broader population?In its annual report, published in March , the SPLC counted "active hate groups in the United States": 72 Ku Klux Klan (KKK) groups, neo-Nazi groups, white nationalist groups, racist skinhead groups, black separatist groups, 37 neo-Confederate groups, 21 Christian Identity groups, and "general hate" groups .

To many Americans, modern marches by the Ku Klux Klan may seem like a throwback to the past or posturing by bigoted hatemongers. To Kelly Baker, they are a reminder of how deeply the Klan is rooted in American mainstream Protestant culture. “[An] unconventional yet informative history of the Ku Klux Klan of the s.

1. Describe, in broad terms, how the Ku Klux Klan came into existence and how its level of popularity varied over time. In addition, identify specific factors that caused the Klan’s popularity to rise or fall. The Ku Klux Klan started out as just a circle of friend with like-minded views.

Garrett Brott Ku Klux Klan In the beginning -The Ku Klux Klan started off in the late 's as basically a group to rebel against federal troops.-On May a group of ex-confederates formed the group of the KKK.-The Ku Klux Klan was a group created in order to .

The Ku Klux Klan was one of a number of secret, oath-bound organizations using violence, which included the Southern Cross in New Orleans () and the Knights of the White Camelia () in Louisiana. The Ku Klux Klan had been defunct for nearly a half-century when William J. Simmons decided to revive the organization in the fall of A resident of Atlanta, Simmons worked for a fraternal benefit society called the Woodmen of the World, and he already belonged to more than a dozen clubs and churches.

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