John woo the best contemporary director of action films

The bread-and-butter of the film industry is the action movie. Each summer, audiences can expect to see car chases, gunfights and explosions, and studios can expect to see millions and millions of dollars in return. Though most viewers and critics see these movies as "fluff" entertainment and rightfully sothere is one director that puts as much heart and soul into his "fluff" as any number of talented directors put into their "serious" movies. His name is John Woo.

John woo the best contemporary director of action films

Due to school age restrictions, his mother changed his birth date to 22 Septemberwhich is what remains on his passport. His father was a teacher, though rendered unable to work by tuberculosisand his mother was a manual laborer on construction sites. At age three he was diagnosed with a serious medical condition.

Following surgery on his spine, he was unable to walk correctly until eight years old, and as a result his right leg is shorter than his left leg. Woo has said he was shy and had difficulty speaking, but found making movies a way to explore his feelings and thinking and would "use movies as a language".

Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. December InWoo was hired as a script supervisor at Cathay Studios. Inhe became an assistant director at Shaw Studios. Several of his films were commercial disappointments, and he felt a distinct lack of creative control.

The story of two brothers—one a law enforcement officer, the other a criminal—the film was a financial blockbuster. A Better Tomorrow became a defining achievement in Hong Kong action cinema [10] for its combination of emotional drama, slow-motion gunplay, and gritty atmospherics.

Its signature visual device of two-handed, two-gunned shootouts within confined quarters—often referred to as " gun fu " was novel, and its diametrical inversion of the "good-guys-bad guys" formula in its characterization would influence later American films.

These violent gangster thrillers typically focus on men bound by honor and loyalty, at odds with contemporary values of impermanence and expediency.

The protagonists of these films, therefore, may be said to present a common lineage with the Chinese literary tradition of loyalty among generals depicted in classics such as "Romance of the Three Kingdoms".

Bullet in the Head followed a year later failed to find an audience that accepted its political undertones, and failed to recoup its massive budget. Most notable of its numerous action scenes is a minute climax set within a hospital.

One particular long take follows two characters for exactly 2 minutes and 42 seconds as they fight their way between hospital floors. As a result, it did not match the success of his other films. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. As characteristics of other foreign national film directors confronted the Hollywood environment, Woo was unaccustomed to pervasive management concerns, such as limitations on violence and completion schedules.

When initial cuts failed to yield an "R" rated filmthe studio assumed control of the project and edited footage to produce a cut "suitable for American audiences".


A "rough cut" of the film, supposedly the original unrated version, is still circulated among his admirers. A frenetic chase-themed film, the director once again found himself hampered by studio management and editorial concerns.

Despite a larger budget than his previous Hard Targetthe final feature lacked the trademark Woo style. Public reception saw modest financial success. The futuristic setting was changed to a contemporary one.

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Paramount Pictures also offered the director significantly more freedom to exercise his speciality: Woo directed a television pilot entitled The Robinsons: The pilot was not purchased, although bootleg copies have been made available by fans.

John Woo has made three additional films in Hollywood: Impossible 2Windtalkers and Paycheck. Impossible 2 was the highest-grossing film in America inbut received mixed reviews.

Woo directed and produced a videogame called Stranglehold for games consoles and PC. It is a sequel to his film, Hard Boiled. He also produced the anime movie, Appleseed: Produced on a grand scale, it is his first film in China since he emigrated from Hong Kong to the United States in Part 1 of the film was released throughout Asia in July,to generally favourable reviews and strong attendance.

Part 2 was released in China in January, His name is John Woo. Even though you may not have heard about him, he is widely considered to be "the best contemporary director of action films working anywhere." In this essay, I will show you an overview of John Woo's career thus far, the impact and influence his films have had, and how he will come to be known as an auteur in the .

John Woo SBS (Chinese: 吳宇森; born May 1, ) is a Chinese-born Hong Kong film director, writer, and producer. He is the owner of Lion Rock Productions. [3] He is considered a major influence on the action genre, known for his highly chaotic action sequences, Mexican standoffs, and frequent use of Jyutping: Ng4 Jyu5 Sam1 (Cantonese).

John Woo had $80 million to spend and he delivered by filming a plethora of spectacular action scenes, as well as providing impressive production design and set decoration, stunning visual effects and cinematography, and sublime guidance of a record number of supernumeraries.

In conclusion, John Woo, after many years of hard work, has become known as the world's best action film directors. His action sequences have become the stuff of legend and are now the basis from which all other action movies are judged.

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John Woo, Director: Ying hung boon sik. Born in southern China, John Woo grew up in Hong Kong, where he began his film career as an assistant director in , working for Shaw Brothers Studios.

John woo the best contemporary director of action films

He directed his first feature in and has been a prolific director ever since, working in a wide variety of genres before A Better Tomorrow .

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