Psychological contract master thesis

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Psychological contract master thesis

Greek reality — Researches on public health care employees Nursing — Psychological Contract — International Research Reference List Introduction — Psychological Contract A key example of drastic change in today's global working environment with important consequences for employees since it the diversification of all aspects of work is the transformation of the "psychological contract" among employees and their organizations.

In other words, it is a transaction relationship, where employees and employers have certain expectations about their mutual obligations, which are, of course, different for each employee and significantly affect what each side believes is its obligation.

Despite the fact, however, that the psychological contract is not based on written rules, it is however, a powerful factor determining employees behavior their workplace Schein, The psychological contract had previously been characterized by stability and safety of employees concerning their jobs,the support from the organization they worked for and the devotion they felt towards it Sahdev, Rousseau and Wade —Benzoni identified four types of psychological contracts i.

On the other hand, the employer offers only limited employment without any promises for training or development Rousseau, The employee is not obliged to stay in the firm and the employer is obliged to keep the employee for a certain period of time and there are no promises for future commitments.

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The other type of psychological contract is the relational contract. In this type of contract, relationships are based both on financial rewards and emotional commitment. The employee has to do what the firm wants him to do and the employer is obliged to offer him a stable salary and long-term employment.

On the other hand, the employer should also be interested in the well-being of employees and their families Rousseau, The third type of psychological contract is the balanced contract.

The employee has to develop his knowledge and skills in order to offer added value services to the employer and the employer has to offer the necessary career development opportunities to the employee.

The work is challenging since the employee has to perform many diverse and demanding goals which are eligible to changes in the future. The Company has to help the employee to remain competitive and provides them with adequate training in order to meet the new goals Rousseau, Finally, the last type of psychological contract is the transitional contract.

On the other hand, the employer mistrusts also employees and keeps important information secret.

Psychological contract master thesis

According to them, ideological currency consists of the commitments an employee makes to follow a valued cause. In the past, changes included the occurrence of dual income households and the work-life balance something that seems not to be feasible at the current period.

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Understaffing Flexibility and fragmentation of the workforce in many premises. Urgent need for change Need to have a work-life balance Trade unions and working contracts decline.

Decline in collective orientation and increase of individualism the communitarian vs liberatarian approach of Watson According to Tornow Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten Apart from the above in the private and public sector there is the downsizing of organizations and the resulting unemployment.

Especially, Muchinsky regarding downsizing, he suggested that this is one of the most important violations of a psychological contract whereas other researchers such as Singh and Turnley and Feldman supported exactly the same.

In regard of these changes, Hendry and Jenkins suggested that these changes affect job satisfaction and motivation, more specifically, they contribute to a significant reduction of them. As a result employees felt more stressed since there were continuing threats of losing their position as it is happening now in Greece.Development of Organizational Citizenship Behavior and the Effect of Psychological Contract Fulfillment A Multilevel Longitudinal Study Maylinn Bidne Kvitne.

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- 2 - Talent Management: Psychological Contract Content Preface After several months of joy, frustration, devotion and above all hard work this master thesis was. psychological contract Critically evaluate the so called theory of the ‘psychological contract’, does it provide a valid, reliable and predictable explanation that may contribute to an understanding of organisational success or failure?


psychological contract from employer and employee. Small organizations have often less formalized human resource practices than large organizations (Kickul, ). So, in small organizations the only contract is the psychological contract (Kickul, ). The expectations and obligations are mostly researched from the perspective of the .

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