Technology makes my life easier essay help

Technology is an essential need in everybody's life.

Technology makes my life easier essay help

This year was my first year as a technology integration specialist at my school, and while I am kind of green as far as the role goes, I have some definite ideas about what a good technology integration specialist looks like.

Curious Sarah and I agree here. However, one thing I do have is curiosity. I also want to learn more about how others are integrating technology and keep up with news and trends. I tried various solutions until I discovered a command I could input into Terminal to find out what it was indexing, and it turns out my computer was just unhappy that I had not moved the entire Audacity folder into Applications instead of just the application itself after a recent software update which the installation instructions did, after all, tell me to do.

Once I moved the folder, the fans immediately settled down. I was really frustrated by the problem, but I felt great that I figured out how to resolve it with the help of Google. Helpful and Approachable One of the things some old school IT guys get zinged for is how aggravated they get whenever someone wants help.

They sigh and roll their eyes. As a result, folks just stop asking them for help unless they are forced to do so, and can you blame them? Who wants to feel like they are putting someone out just because they need help learning how to do something?

technology makes my life easier essay help

I want teachers to feel they have learned something after working with me, and I want to support them in their learning. Sometimes it is frustrating to work with someone who has very minimal technology skills, but we only perpetuate the problem if we roll our eyes, sigh, grab the mouse and do it ourselves.

I have found a little bit of patience goes a long way.


I use the same skills I learned working with students when I work with teachers. If I am approachable and willing to help, people are more likely to seek my help when they want to try a project in class.

Enterprising Good technology integration specialists seek out opportunities and approach teachers and students with their ideas. A technology integration specialist, however, is a leader in this area, and teachers and students look to the technology integration specialist to generate ideas.

Obviously, teachers may resist and even turn you down flat. However, if they can be convinced that your idea is either going to 1 save them time or make something they do easier, or 2 be more engaging for them and for their students than something they already do, then usually you can convince them.

We keep plugging away, sometimes feeling frustrated.

technology makes my life easier essay help

Technology integration specialists are no different. They need to help teachers and students they work with understand the importance and relevance of using technology.

Connected Sarah mentioned this trait also. I feel it is critical for technology integration specialists to be active participants in a variety of networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Ning communities, and professional organizations like ISTE.

I also think they should be active online. I realize I have a bias toward blogging because it was blogging that introduced me to technology integration in the first place. I was never what I would call a tech savvy teacher until I started blogging, and I taught myself most of what I know now, which leads me to my next point.

Autodidactic There is nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong with asking for or expecting professional development on tools you plan to integrate, especially if you are a regular classroom teacher and technology is not where you live.

However, if it is where you live, I think you need to be willing to teach yourself lots of things. You need to have a willingness to try out a new tool.

I had to do some light coding for a website I used to have, and before long, I was designing my own templates.

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I want to learn Java and Photoshop and, well, actually a lot of other stuff, too. I could take classes, but I like the idea of trying to learn these things myself, too, and truthfully, I think figuring out how to do things on your own, finding your own resources whether those resources are books, people, websites, videos, or other tutorials is the best way to learn.

Passionate Sarah mentioned this one also, and at the risk of simply cribbing her entire post, I had to include it.Technology might have succeeded in making human life a lot easier but it too has not come only with a side.

Technology might have as many negative aspects as positive, it might be addicting, it might be creating difficulties in people’s life but, another bitter truth is that, like other tools, it is the man who runs it and how he uses it is.

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Nov 21,  · Whether or not technology is popular is beside the point of your essay.) in our daily life thanks to its advantages.

As we know, firstly, technology in the home helps people do the housework. For example, housewives do not need to wash clothes manually ; they can use a washing machine.

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