The different ways to improve my personal well being in college

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The different ways to improve my personal well being in college

Speaking of criticism, I think there are two ways to interpret criticism that can keep us from losing our cool and turn a potentially negative encounter into a positive one: Recognize the truth in the criticism. We really can learn to focus our attention on what is being said while ignoring how it is being said.

The critique just may be accurate or partially so and our offense, and resulting defensiveness, can prevent us from catching an area of needed growth. If we truly hunger for truth and personal improvement, we can even learn to feel a degree of gratitude for a blind spot having been made visible by someone who was willing to take the time to point it out, even if delivered in an awkward or irreverent tone.

The critique is a reflection of the critic, not me or my work. Then if you add the assumption that buried below the surface of a cranky delivery, there was a benevolent motive, then life can go on just as sunny and cheery as if no criticism was ever delivered in the first place. Thanks for your input and kind words, my friend!

Have an amazing week! Reply Great list of tips here, Ken! Dave Reply Excellent points, Dave. So true about recognizing that offenses can come from a place of insecurity in the offending person as a way to pull others down to feel better about themselves and their own dissatisfying lives can certainly make dismissing their offenses easier.

I truly appreciate the insight you bring on ego and trait- or condition-specific insecurities. You are dead-on about feeling more vulnerable to criticism of those parts of us that we feel insecure about.

You add a wonderful level of depth to the topic. I would also distinguish between feeling vulnerable and insecure from that of being offended. Thanks again for the clarity and insight you brought here. Keep up the good work you do! And have an awesome weekend, Dave.

Thankyou Ken Wert said: If not, or if things are such that whether upward swinging or not, life just plain hurts a bit, please take courage in this thought at least: They simply live under the weight and burden of their difficulties, wishing things were better, maybe trying to change things, but never taking action to learn new ways of climbing the mountain called life.

So whether here at Meant to be Happy or elsewhere, keep looking, keep searching, keep reading, keep learning, keep growing.

The different ways to improve my personal well being in college

And in that process, life will fill with a greater sense of joy. Nice meeting you Connie, and welcome to M2bH! I am very thankful for your article, but I am struggling with something that I feel is too big for me to deal with. After six years of living abroad I moved back to my home country.

The parents are as much the offenders as the children are. I have witnessed rudeness from an eldery lady.

The different ways to improve my personal well being in college

I feel so horrible about the situation. I miss the attitude I got used to over the past years: Over the past six months I have practised nothing but kindness, friendliness and optimism.

And yes, people do react to that, but as soon as you are in the car or on your bike or in any other anonymous spot, it is the same story again.Learning new things, being physically active, and having a social life can boost mental health.

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You're never too old to use technology to stay connected with family members who live far away. A. I like the point to take responsibility for your social life. I struggle a bit with reaching out to people as I am a natural introvert and I enjoy spending time alone (lots of people don’t believe it).

8 Ways to Improve Your College Social Life. By Stacy Dymalski | Published: College is a different animal than it was even five to 10 years ago, So to help you integrate yourself into the new world of being a college student here are eight ways you can improve your college social life.

Helene A. Emsellem, M.D., is a nationally known sleep expert. She is the director of the Center for Sleep and Wake Disorders in Chevy Chase, MD., where she runs a six-bed sleep laboratory, an active sleep medicine clinical practice, and a clinical research trial program.

Our approach to building broad spectrum wellbeing across the globe is structured and robust.

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Our aim is to encourage every individual to self-empower and take control of their own wellbeing as well as accepting and utilising the resources that are available to them. The best thing you can do for yourself is to strive for tangible results rather than moping about how bad the system is.

We already all know what a raw deal marriage can be in the West, there’s no point rehashing that fact over and over again once you are already aware of it.

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