What the gospels teach us

What are the Gospels? They give very little information about His life before age 30, and so they are not really intended as full biographies. The Gospels are intended to convict us of our sins so we will repent and believe in Jesus Christ.

What the gospels teach us

What an appropriate name for the true church of Christ to bear in this, the dispensation of the fulness of times. I love the Church because of what it teaches me. Some years ago during the war, Elder John A. Widtsoe went to the land of Great Britain to preside over the European Mission. To me, that knowledge is worth more than all the wealth in this world.

We might keep afloat, but we would never come into port. My church teaches me that I am a son of God the Eternal Father, and therefore I have all of the attributes in embryo to develop like my Father, just like my sons have become like me and I became like my earthly father.

The Lord stood in the midst of the spirits before this world was created. I thank the Lord that my church teaches me that I kept my first estate in that spirit world or else I would have been cast down to this earth with Satan and a third of the hosts of heaven. And the cry went out: And so the fact that I kept my first estate entitled me to all the beauties and the joys of this world that have been mentioned here in this meeting today.

Then we read of when Jesus cast the devils out of the man who was possessed.

What the gospels teach us

And he asked his name, and he said: And so eager were those devils to get a body that they asked permission to take possession of the bodies of the swine that were feeding in the field. And Jesus permitted it, and they ran off into the sea and were drowned, as I remember about two thousand of them.

Just think how eager those spirits were to get a body, and because we kept our first estate we are now in our second estate. I love the statement in the Bible where Enoch of old, that prophet who was translated into heaven with his people, obtained the assurance while yet here in mortality that he had pleased the Lord.

I think by the keeping of His commandments—doing all things, as the Lord said, that the Lord God had commanded see Deut. I thank Him for the many beautiful truths, many of which have been proclaimed here today. How I thank God for them, and for the knowledge that marriage and the family unit are intended by Him, as proclaimed so plainly in the Holy Scriptures, to endure for ever.

Then I think of my children one by one and I have over a hundred descendants! I feel that that is nearer to becoming a god than anything else I can do here in mortality. And from the days of my youth and young manhood, I have tried to live before those children and descendants of mine so that if they walked in my footsteps they would be honoring their second estate and preparing themselves to have glory added upon their heads forever and forever.

Then there are so many other beautiful principles of the gospel. When I first became a missionary, I never met anybody who believed in a personal God. My, what a joy to realize that Christ gave his life for us, and took upon him the sins of the world—as Paul said: The Lord had him in waiting thousands of years ago, according to the Book of Mormon, for his day and time to come, to bring men to a knowledge of the truth and to bring forth his truth among the people of this world.

These are great truths, and many more can be taught. The message of this great church is that marvelous work and a wonder that Isaiah saw would come forth when men would teach for doctrine the precepts of men.

Being a missionary, as long as I have time, let me give you one or two little missionary experiences to indicate what Isaiah meant when he said that they would worship Him by the precepts of men.

As I finished my first mission over in Amsterdam, over seventy-five years ago, I was invited into the home of one of the Saints to talk to her neighbor. When my companion and I arrived, the neighbor was there but she had her minister with her.

We had a little difference of opinion on priesthood, and right there he challenged me to a debate in his church the next Saturday night. When we arrived, the church was full; all of his people were there, and all of our people.

Richards is a guest in our church, we will accord him the privilege of opening this debate, and we will each talk for twenty minutes. Is that agreeable with you, Mr. This was one of my strong points in my mission. I hurried over faith and repentance—I thought they believed in them.What the Gospel Teaches - Elder LeGrand Richards.

April 1982 General Conference

New Experience. General Conference. Conferences. what a joy to realize that Christ gave his life for us, and took upon him the sins of the world—as Paul said: “As in do you think the Lord will hold us responsible if we teach things that we know are not in full accord with the Holy.

The Gospels teach us about the compassion and examples that Jesus showed us how to live our life and respect each other.

the gospels teach us about the life of jesus Gospel of Mark- Human Suffering Gospel of Luke- Jesus' mercy and compassion Gospel of Matthew- God's promise to Israel Gospel of John- symbolic lanuage.

The Miracles in the Gospels: What Do They Teach Us About Jesus? by Keith Warrington is an important and timely study. Warrington has brought a new sense of depth to an aspect of Jesus’ ministry that is far too often oversimplified and underemphasized in Christian circles barnweddingvt.coms: 1.

Reading each Gospel separately will teach us a great deal about what is important to God and how we should live.

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Occasionally reading the four Gospels together using a resource that tries to harmonize them can give additional insights and a fuller picture of the events and teachings. The synoptic Gospels do not contradict one another, but all three together provide a more complete account of Jesus’ life.

The more information a Bible student is provided about Jesus, the more one has to understand and incorporate into one’s life.

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