Who is jezebel

Jezebel is known in the bible old testament as a controlling,devious, wicked woman who controlled her pushover husband Ahab andhad saints killed. By proper definition, it means a wicked queen of Israel Bible but we have standardized it to mean somewhat along the same lines as a unsavory woman, teaser of men. Who is a Jezebel in the Bible?

Who is jezebel

We must be mindful of the time indicators, the audience relevance and allow Scripture to interpret Scripture. The book is a prophetic warning from Jesus to the seven churches to break ties with Rome and Jerusalem, or partake in the Judgement that is coming upon them 1 Thessalonians 2: In that exact same way, Jesus Christ is identifying the early enemies of the Church, the Judiazers and the Gnostics.

And secondly he identifies the Roman Gnosticism as the works of the Nicolaitans Revelation 2: It was Who is jezebel the eating that was the issue, it was something was causing the brothers to stumble.

Who is jezebel

Similarly, fornication in the prophetic language, talks of Spiritual unfaithfulness. As the nation of Israel many times in the past has been accused of spiritual unfaithfulness by taking on other gods and taking on the idolatry with other nations. Now, taking what we learned from my last post, showing the character of Jezebel, I believe the best candidate for what the early church was dealing with, was the spiritual influence from Jerusalem towards the early church, being pushed from the Judaizers.

They were willing to lie and manipulate their laws to kill Jesus Mark They were blind to what God was doing through Christ and the early Church John And most importantly of all, they hid behind the grandeur of the Temple and the Law of Moses, to mask their true intents.

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In closing, while I do not discount a person can have the character of Jezebel today, taking verses from the book of Revelation to try to match them to a person as a sign of the end times, is a gross misrepresentation of the text. As we have seen, from the clear account in the Books of 1st Kings and 2nd Kings, we see what Jezebel is, and what it is not.

Gary DeMar talking about understanding Prophecy The jezebel spirit has nothing at all to do with a woman's make-up, or dress, and with your insane philosophy of what a jezebel spirit is the entire human race .

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When asked to comment on the criminalization of condoms, a representative from the Allegheny County District Attorney’s office told Jezebel that the “premise that condoms have been.

Soul Ties And Jezebel's Seducing Spirit Soul ties formed by the Jezebel spirit is a primary source of emotional pain, destroyed lives, broken marriages, family problems, churches and ministry failures. There was a time in my life when I was battling something spiritually, but I could not see what it was.

that woman Jezebel] There is some authority for the reading “thy wife Jezebel,” and even if the possessive pronoun be not rightly inserted in the Greek text, it is a question whether the article ought not to be understood as equivalent to one.

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