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Title may be acquired by purchase at public sale, or by ordinary "private entry," and by virtue of the pre-emption, homest6ad, timber culture, and other laws.

This -may be done where lands are offered" at public auction to the highest bidder, either pursuant to.

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Thereupon the register, if the tract is vacant, will so certify to the receiver, stating the price, and the applicant must then pay the amount of the purchase-money. The receiver will the n issue his receipt for the money paid, in duplicate, giving -to the. The register will then issue his.

At the close of the month the. The manner of, proceeding to' acquire title with Agricultural College scrip is the same as. The location Of this scrip at private entry is restricted to three sections in each township of land, and one qn,;llion acres in any one State.

It can also be used in payment of. In payment for homesteads commuted under section of the Revised Statutes, this scrip is also available. L' The applicant 9nust in every case state in'his application his pj ace of actical resid-ence, and the postoffice address to which notices of contest or other proceedings relative.

A party making a legal filing- or entry under any one of the foregoing acts exhaustshi. Wk4 asa to amend filings or entries should be filed with the. Register and Receiver and be, by them transmitted for the consideration. Entries and -filings made for the' purpose of holding the land for. Cape Corvero r FDA rff.

IV iaghoff Y If. Purchasers of relinquishments of fraudulent filingys or entries should understand that they purchase at their own risk, so far as the United States is concerned, and must seek their own remedies under local laws against those who, by imposing such relinquishments upon them, have obtained their money without valuable consideration.

Homestead and pre-emption settlers on unsurveyed lands are allowed three months after the-filing of the township plat of survey within which to put their claims on record.

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Accordingly no party will be permitted to make final proof in any case until after the expiration of said three months.

Homestead entries can be made for not more than one quarter section, or acres of land.

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The land office fees and commissions, payable wvhen application is made, are as follows: For acres For 80 acres He must then establish. The homestead affidavit can b3 made before the clerk of the county court only in cases where the family of the applicant, or some member thereof, is actually residinkg on the land which he desires to enter, and on which he has made bona fide improvement and settlement, and when he is prevented by reason of distance, bodily infirmity, or other good cause, from personal attendance at the district land office.

The period of actual inhabitancy, improvement and cultivation required under the homestead law is five years.

In case of the death of the homestead party, before making final proof, the widow succeeds to the homestead right.

In case of the death of both father and mother, the right and fee inure to the minor children, if any. A homestead right cannot be devised away from the widow or minor children.


A union soldier or sailor of the late war is. But the soldier or his widow, as the case may be must actually reside on the land at least one year before final proof can be made. In case of the death of the soldier, and the death or re-marriage of the widow, the minor children of the soldier, by a duly appointed, guardian, are entitled to the privileges of the father.

Neither the guardian nor the minor children are required to reside upon the land, but the same must be cultivated and improved for the period of time during which the father would have been required to reside upon the tract.

The soldier may file a declaratory statement for a tract of land which he intends to enter under the homestead laws. This statement may be filed either personally or by an agent, and the soldier is thereafter allowed six months within which to make his entry and commence his settlement and improvement.

The entry can be made only by the soldier in person at the local land ofce, and he must commence his settlement on the land within six months after his filing, and must continue to reside on the land and cultivate it for such period as, added to his military service, will make -five years.

But he must actually reside upon the land at least one year, whatever may have been the period of his military service.

Entries cannot be made for a soldier by an agent or attorney. After a declaratory statement has once been: If the soldier does not establish his residencee on the tract as required, the next comer may take the land.

All representations to the contrary are false, and soldiers and sailors are warned against imposition by parties who offer to locate land for them, or to sell their rights. A settler desiring to make final proof must file with: Applicants should commence to make their proofs in sufficient time so that the same may be completed and filed in'-the local office within the statutory period of seven years from date of entry.

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