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Write an information sheet cae

I managed to visit Cae du on a quiet Sunday night outside the school holidays, accompanying one of our top trusted reviewers, see below. I had previously read mixed reviews about this site, so as the owner of UKCampsite.

Uk it was a good opportunity to see the site in a true light, as I did not disclose who I was. The site was very quiet, many pitches were empty. PITCHES We had a friendly welcome from the warden, who was kind enough to let us look around the site to choose a pitch, before committing to payment.

I'm rather glad we did, as most of the pitches were not appealing to me at all.

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Tents are pitched around the edge of the site, behind a small wooden fence along the site road. This means you cannot take your car onto your pitch, instead you have to lug all your stuff backwards and forwards whilst setting up, and whilst using your tent.

Their website boasts a river flowing through the site, but in reality this was alongside the main road into Beddgelert and there are only a few pitches near it which were rather noisy and absolutely infested with midges.

The campervan pitches were even worse - there were two small square patches of dusty hardcore, each area took SIX campervans. You would certainly need to become very friendly with your neighbours if stayed on these pitches, with probably only a couple of metres at most between units.

COST We expressed our concerns and the warden allowed us to pitch up on a patch of grass in the middle of site, not normally used for campervans. It suited us much more, and felt less regimented than the normal pitches.

The warden explained the barrier closing times, but didn't give us any other info about the site, nor were we given the information sheet see later!

Despite this, the signal was terrible, slow and unreliable, and pretty much useless - I spent more time trying to connect and reconnect than actually getting anything useful done.

There's a dedicated dog walking field, quite small, but adequate and good to see included. There were two facility blocks containing showers, toilets, and camper kitchen etc.

The facilities were very clean, although a little tired and dated. The worst aspect was the showers - push button showers with no heat control - they were very hot indeed - I wouldn't have liked to use them with a small child.

Also the shower outlet was ridiculously close to the wall, meaning you had to stand hard up against the wall to get under it - a horrible sensation as your back keeps touching the clammy tiles.

write an information sheet cae

The site has lovely views with hills on all sides, however as mentioned previously the main road into Beddgelert runs alongside the site, and was quite noisy. You can walk directly into Beddgelert itself from the site, partly along a narrow road, it takes about 15 minutes.

After a good sleep we lounged around the campervans on Monday morning, before deciding to take the walk mentioned above into Beddgelert to exercise the dogs properly and take a look at Gelert's Grave etc. On our return into the site, as we walked past the reception the lady warden shouted across asking us if we were staying another night.

I said, no, we were just about to pack up and move on. She shouted over that in that case we'd have to pay a half night fee as it was past check out time at This was the first we'd heard about a check out time, and noone had come over to us during the morning to say this.

I was rather upset at the rude manner of the warden, and the prospect of paying so much more! With great will power I smiled and politely said I assumed she wasn't really going to charge us for another half day. They hadn't told us of check out time, so how were we supposed to know? Rules are Rules she said, jabbing at the information sheet which we hadn't seen before as we hadn't been given it!

She said there is a sign in the facility block saying check out at 12, but to be honest, I hadn't seen it when I visited them. Bear in mind the site was almost empty, we weren't even on proper pitches, and noone had mentioned checking out times to us until that point, even despite the fact we'd been sitting on site all morning with plenty of opportunity for them to tell us - AND seeing as we hadn't even arrived until six oclock the day before we hadn't even been there for 24 hours!

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Posted June 28, Background.

write an information sheet cae

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